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Day 2 Presentation

Empowering communities at the example of german speaking higher Ed

The Moodle-Community has an enormous knowledge. There is a big need for sharing that rapidly growing treasure trove and connecting people. Often Moodlers don´t know that others are working on same issues or even have answers to them already. Leaving aside the language barrier, there are also parallel developments on the same or similar issues in individual countries or language areas; these should be minimized and synergies achieved. These are some core motifs that led to the foundation of the community-driven association “Moodle an Hochschulen e.V.”. This session gives an overview of the structure and activities of the association and what the challenges are.
Then it compares models of building and running communities in other countries, such as Academic Moodle Cooperation of Austria or Moodle Association of Japan up to the Moodle Users Association (MUA).
Finally, there will be a discussion on the exchange of experiences in local communities and how to transfer knowledge to the global community.

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