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Day 2 Presentation

Revolutionizing Vocational Education through Digital Transformation: Tales from the MësoVET Project in Albania

In recent years, the Skills for Jobs (S4J) project, implemented by Swisscontact in Albania, has initiated a transformative journey in vocational educational training (VET) schools. Recognizing the longstanding challenge of limited learning materials for professional courses, the project introduced MësoVET (learn by yourself), a customized Moodle platform tailored specifically for Albanian VET schools. Since its inception in 2019, MësoVET has revolutionized the educational landscape by digitizing and democratizing learning resources.

Initially, MësoVET hosted a standardized platform and courses accessible to all VET schools, yet faced challenges such as limited course updates and teacher-group management complexities. However, in collaboration with Moodle partner WIDE Services from Greece, successfully elevated MësoVET by adopting Moodle Workplace, transforming the platform into a flexible, school-specific ecosystem.

With the introduction of Moodle Workplace, every VET school now possesses its own dedicated tenant, empowering administrators to tailor programs according to their unique vocational directions. A pivotal role was assigned to the Digitalization Focal Point (DFP), a teacher equipped with technical expertise, responsible for administering their school’s tenant within MësoVET.

As the MësoVET ecosystem continues to evolve, its impact is growing exponentially. The platform currently hosts over 500 courses, providing more than 14,000 users, including teachers and students, with access to a wealth of digital learning resources. Moreover, beyond its initial purpose, is piloting another innovative initiative by leveraging its capabilities as a digital archive for administrative tasks within schools.

This abstract aims to present the journey of the MësoVET project, showcasing the transformative power of digitalization in VET education. Albina Bardhi, Head of the Product Development department at and the mastermind behind this project, will share firsthand experiences, challenges, and successes during the Moodle global event. During the presentation she will uncover the potential of Moodle Workplace and the future of VET education in Albania.

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