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Day 2 Presentation

Moodle integration with the eXeLearning online content generator

The eXeLearning SCORM and eXeLearning Web plugins provide seamless integration with eXeLearning Online tool, allowing teachers and course creators to generate SCORM content or Web sites directly with eXeLearning Online, as well as modifying eXeLearning published contents in a very simple way.

eXeLearning is a free and open source program that allows the creation of educational content in a simple way. It is easily and freely downloadable from its website ( and is available for all operating systems. It offers a wide range of options for including different types of content, such as text, links, images and videos, as well as the ability to insert materials created with other tools.

With the eXeLearning online version, users have the ability to create a wide variety of rich educational content online and, through a seamless transition, and thanks to these two plugins, integrate them into the Moodle platform in a usable and simple way and modify them if needed. At the moment, the generated content that is integrated into Moodle can be either SCORM or HTML websites, which provides flexibility and versatility for users to create customised educational materials.

In summary, these Moodle plugins enable seamless integration with eXeLearning Online. Users can generate SCORM content or websites with eXeLearning and, through this integration, easily incorporate and modify them into the Moodle platform. With a wide range of content, design and publishing options, this plugin offers a complete and versatile solution for the creation and management of educational materials in virtual environments.


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