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Day 3 Presentation

Moodle Mobile App Integration with Campus Student Services via Custom Blocks

The Moodle Mobile App is a powerful tool for students to access their educational courses and to carry out Moodle activates such as quizzes, assignments, etc.  In order to make the Moodle App more of a “one-stop-shop” where students and faculty can access campus information services quickly and efficiently on their mobile devices, the eLearning team at the Carinthia University of Applied Sciences have made considerable enhancements to the standard Moodle App.  We have integrated the campus information system aCTIons schedule of upcoming appointments for all users and recent exam/course grades for students directly into the Dashboard. Via the Moodle Mobile side menu, students have an extensive overview of their overall grades and can access the equipment lending system to borrow camera, lab equipment, etc.  Lecturers can access their course feedback and evaluations. Additionally, all users can see ‘what’s for lunch’ locally, find out if there is an available meeting room, access the public transport timetable for routes to and from the various campuses.

These menu items are all separate custom blocks which are only available in the CUAS Moodle Mobile App. In principle, the Moodle Mobile API and the third party PHP framework YII were used.  To retrieve the desired data from aCTIons with minimal effort, YII’s active record layer was used to map the relevant aCTIons tables to the corresponding model entities. Standard Moodle Mobile components were implemented such as ChartJS, which was used to graphically display data, and Notification which can be individually set to notify users when a campus room will be available/booked in the near future (e.g., send a notification when lecture hall x is available).

The presenters will present the current functions and add-on features of the CUAS Moodle Mobile App and the programming development environment used.

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