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Day 2 Presentation

Improving student engagement with smart automatic reminders

How do you make sure your course participants/students get active in the course right from the beginning of their enrolment, meet their deadlines and don’t miss due dates?

We will discuss several approaches and scenarios using standard Moodle tools (forum, messages,…). We will also demonstrate advanced automated options using the “eDaktik Reminder” plugin. This plugin can be added to a course as an activity in order to automatically sends messages to course participants

  • if certain conditions occur, e.g. enrolment or an activity is not yet completed.
  • at certain times, e.g. five minutes after course enrolment or two days before the due date of an activity.

Time can be absolute dates or dates relative to course and activity start/end/due dates.
This is especially useful for courses little or no face-to-face and with ongoing enrolments e.g. compliance training or safety instructions.

Messages can also be restricted to groups, and other conditions that have to be met based on enrolment timeframes as well as course completion status.

At the same time, reports can be sent to users/roles responsible for the course.

This way the eDaktik Reminder automates predefined communication/reminders in the course and makes it easier for participants as well as for teachers/trainers to monitor course activities. It supports blended scenarios as well as self-training courses and leads to better student/participant engagement.

The plugin is available for Moodle 3.9 up to 4.2 via as a free version with basic features and a PRO version with the full feature set.