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Day 2 Presentation

Enhancing Moodle Assessments: User-Friendly Tools with Powerful Analytics – Inspired by Design Thinking

This lecture will focus on how design thinking has guided us in creating innovative tools that will empower educators to assess student progress effectively.

The first tool is the Assessment Tree, which will expand the capabilities of the gradebook. This tool emerged from our design thinking session, where users expressed the need for a seamless way to create activities within the gradebook itself. By incorporating their valuable feedback, we designed a user-friendly feature that simplifies course design and assessment alignment.

Their insights guided us in designing another tool that enables educators to evaluate student abilities across various subjects.

Both tools prioritise user experience and functionality. We considered the perspectives and needs of our users throughout the design and development process, resulting in intuitive interfaces that enhance usability and minimise barriers to adoption.

Moreover, these tools incorporate powerful analytics features, which were refined through iterative design thinking cycles with our users. Educators can now gain actionable insights into student progress, track improvement, and make informed decisions about instructional strategies. This integration of analytics further strengthens the impact of design thinking in facilitating data-informed teaching practices.