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Day 1 Presentation

Innovation in Education using Artificial Intelligence AI and Virtual Reality VR

In this session, presenters will focus on the potential of integration of intelligent assistants (chatbots) and Virtual Reality to create memorable learning experiences. With multiple examples, this presentation will inspire the audience about the use of chatbots into online Moodle courses, using IBM Watson Assistant Technology, to answer students’ questions or team’s questions related to the design of Moodle courses. The last example demonstrates the combination between Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence to create natural conversations.

The first example is called “EC AMI”. It demonstrates the use of IBM Watson Assistant to support students and to reduce the workload of “Information and Student Support ISS” team. The chatbot can guide students for a better access to information.

The second example is called “Professor support”. It demonstrates the possibility of integrating chatbots into Moodle courses, MOOCs or trainings, in order to enhance learning, facilitate content browsing and save time when answering frequently asked questions about Moodle activities and resources. It encourages exploration and provides links to documentation and multimedia productions about Moodle features.

The third example is called “Activities recommender”. This chatbot was developed to support the course design team when choosing the appropriate graded or ungraded activity. This chatbot encompasses the in-house knowledge and expertise in the development of educational activities in Moodle. It avoids going through complex diagrams or decision trees, and uses simple questions/answers. The chatbot then provides the link to the appropriate documentation for the instructions to follow.

The fourth example combines Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence (GPT-3) to create a conversation in time and space with Isaac Newton, for a fully immersive experience.

Examples will demonstrate that incorporating intelligent assistants can make courses more engaging and interactive.