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Day 1 Presentation

3K Moodles – 1M Users: provisioning -all- the schools

After the start of the Pandemic, we were called upon to create a System for the provisioning of a distributed e-learning platform for all schools in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In two Month and sleepless nights, we created a stable System with a full CRUD life-cycle that is now used by 3000 schools and over 1 Million Users.

We will walk through the stressful starting phase, how the System evolved over the years since the start of the pandemic, and how we manage to keep all those Systems up-to-date.

We answer these Questions:

  • What technologies do we use and why?
  • How were we able to survive the dreaded “first day school” spike, that brought so many others to their knees?
  • Which technologies we didn’t use  – and why.
  • How the Lifecycle is implemented.
  • How do we develop, test and provision Updates/Upgrades.
  • What would we do different, were we to implement it a second time around.
  • What the future holds.

We talk about provisioning the infrastructure in the cloud, database templates, backup-strategies, installing, updating and removing Moodle, how we manage 3k Databases, how we do partial autoscaling regarding disk space etc.

This talk is about using proven technologies that most can handle to achieve much with little resources in very little time and showing real results. It is not about the newest microservice architectures and prove-of-concept utopias, but a real live example of how we build this platform, rough edges included.

This talk will be presented by the Lead of Systems administration at eLeDia – “eLearning im Dialog”, Moodle Premium Certified Partner and winner of the Moodle Certified Partners – Global Partner of the Year award.

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