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MoodleMoots are conferences held around the world to exchange good Moodle practices and findings.

They are a space for the Moodle Community, Moodle HQ and Moodle Partners to contribute to improve the quality of teaching and training with Moodle’s open source learning management system.


MoodleMoot Global 2024 provides a unique opportunity for Moodle enthusiasts or newcomers from all over the world to meet and learn from each other in the vibrant and spirited land of México.


Our fifth MoodleMoot Global will provide a range of professional learning and networking opportunities.

This year’s program will combine:

  • Keynote presentations covering the different conference streams.
  • Community sessions featuring presentations from the Moodle community.
  • Presentations from Moodle Partners and sponsors.
  • Workshops and hands-on sessions.
  • Social and networking events, including the Moodle Party!

Share your expertise

Whether you are an educator, workplace trainer, administrator or a developer, we would love to hear from you!


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