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Conference Topics

As we embark on this year’s theme, “Unlocking Human Potential“, we’re not just talking about education; we’re redefining it. Education is the cornerstone of personal development and the prosperity of societies. It’s a vibrant, ever-evolving journey that doesn’t just happen within the walls of traditional institutions. Today, we understand the broader scope of learning – it’s self-directed, it’s everywhere, and it’s for everyone.


The conference will include the following streams.

  • Workplace
  • Government
  • Not-for-profit
  • Education (K-12, Higher Education, Vocational training)
  • Technical for Moodle Administrators
  • Technical for Moodle coders / developers
  • General Moodle practices (for everyone)


Under the main conference theme of “Unlocking human potential” this year’s MoodleMoot Global conference will address different topics, which align with our Moodle Product vision and the main areas we will focus on when developing our future versions of Moodle:

  • Unlocking creativity
    • We aim to empower educators and learners to shape their learning according to their imagination and aspirations, leading to a more inclusive and personalised educational experience.
  • Facilitating collaboration
    • We will focus on enabling supportive and connected learning environments by continuously improving Moodle’s ability to integrate and collaborate effectively with other solutions and leverage common standards.
  • Optimising outcomes
    • Providing our users with tools that optimise their efforts is paramount. We aim to create a toolset that not only reduces the time and cost of managing and creating courses but also helps learners overcome challenges more effectively.

We invite you to review the Moodle Products Roadmap (PDF) to find out more about each one of the topics and to help you think about how you might address them with your abstract submission.



MoodleMoot Global events provide unique opportunities for Moodlers from around the world to meet and learn from each other.



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