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Day 1 Presentation

Optimising Outcomes with Moodle Report Builder

Moodle’s built-in feature, the Report Builder, offers a robust framework for creating customized reports that cater to the unique needs of educators and trainers. This session explores the capabilities of the Moodle Report Builder, demonstrating how it can be leveraged to optimize educational outcomes effectively. The presentation will begin by introducing the Report Builder, highlighting its key features and the types of data it can manipulate. We will discuss the importance of aligning report outputs with institutional goals, such as tracking learner progress, assessing course effectiveness, and identifying areas for instructional improvement.

Practical examples will illustrate how to construct various reports, from simple course completion statistics to complex analyses involving learner engagement and performance metrics. Further, the session will address the customization capabilities of the Report Builder, enabling attendees to understand how to tailor reports to meet specific requirements. 

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