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Day 3 Presentation

Moodle as a base platform for a gamified learning experience

This presentation systematizes the experience related to the configuration of an Active Learning Through Gamification course for professors at the Universidad Nacional of Costa Rica, in which the Moodle platform was used as a base.  

For the configuration of this gamified learning experience it was decided to use a metaphor of a trip around the world, so users must navigate through a map with multiple destinations, in each one they must review material, complete challenges, participate in a playful activity and fulfill the metaphorical journey.

In order to carry out this experience, a Moodle space was used, within the platform that the Universidad Nacional has for teacher training. The course was configured in the “collapsed topics” mode, however, all topics, activities and resources were set in the “Hidden but available” mode.   

To generate the travel map, with its different destinations, Genially microsites embedded in the course through embedded code were used, which have links leading to the different hidden activities and resources. For the travel logs, the Padlet tool was used, also using embedded code to embed them within the gamified environment. The playful activities were developed through H5P activities (crossword puzzles, word search puzzles, memory games, matching), with themes related to geographical or cultural elements of the different destinations represented on the map.   

As a complement to the travel environment, badges representing each of the destinations were configured to be delivered automatically when the challenges, the reading of the materials and the travel logs were marked as “completed”. Upon receipt of all badges, participants also receive a “round the world” badge for completing the course. 

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