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Day 1 Presentation

How mature is your Moodle?

This presentation will describe how we developed a comprehensive Moodle maturity model designed to assist institutions in assessing their current use of Moodle in the institution, identifying areas for improvement, and charting a course towards enhanced Moodle maturity. Grounded in extensive research with focus groups and aligned with JISC’s Digital maturity framework, the model encompasses key dimensions of Moodle maturity, including infrastructure, data utilisation, organisational culture, and knowledge development and knowledge exchange.

The proposed model offers a framework of maturity levels, each characterised by specific criteria and benchmarks. Institutions can leverage this framework to conduct self-assessments, benchmark against peers, and prioritise initiatives for digital advancement. Moreover, the model allows for iterative refinement and continuous improvement over time.

Key features of the Moodle maturity model include:

  • Multi-dimensional Assessment: Evaluation across technology, data, people, processes, and strategy dimensions to provide a holistic view of digital maturity.
  • Maturity Level Definitions: Clear delineation of maturity levels with defined criteria, enabling organisations to gauge their current state and set achievable targets for progress.
  • Actionable Insights: Identification of actionable insights and recommendations tailored to each maturity level, facilitating targeted interventions and resource allocation.
  • Roadmap for Advancement: Development of a customised roadmap outlining sequential steps for advancing digital maturity, with considerations for organisational context and strategic priorities.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Adaptation: Establishment of mechanisms for ongoing monitoring,  and adaptation to ensure alignment with evolving institution’s needs and technological advancements.

This abstract invites conference participants to explore this Moodle maturity model, engage in discussions on its applicability and effectiveness, and contribute insights towards further refinement and validation. 

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