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Day 3 Presentation

Ludimoodle+: Increasing Learner Motivation through Moodle-adapted Gamification

LudiMoodle+ is a course format that enables teachers to increase student motivation through the use of game features adapted to students’ motivations and profiles. The plugin has 6 game features (avatar, timer, progression, score, badges, ranking) that can be assigned to learners in different ways: via an algorithm to adapt to the learner profile (adaptive gamification), at course level by the teacher or at section level by the teacher.  In this short presentation, we propose to give a presentation in 3 parts.

  • Part 1: to present the results of the scientific experiment, in particular on the impact of adaptive gamification on the motivation and learning performance of the 1,500 4th graders who took part in the experiment in a math class. A one-hour algebra lesson taught over 10 classroom sessions will be used to illustrate the experiment and its scientific results. 
  • Part 2: presentation and demonstration of the generic plugin developed for distribution to the community on  The aim is to show how the scientific results have been integrated and the choices that have been made to adapt to the uses and philosophy of Moodle. The presentation will show the possibilities offered to teaching teams to create a course with adaptive gamification.  In concrete terms, each student is assigned a different game features depending on his or her profile to encourage success, while the teacher creates a single course for all learners.
  • Part 3: questions and answers.


Project consortium:  Research: LIRIS laboratory (INSA Lyon and CNRS) and Université Lumière Lyon 2 (ECP).

Plugin development: Pimenko

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