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Day 2 Presentation

Moodle based Learning Design Program at TalTech

In 2017, Tallinn University of Technology established an e-learning standard, initiating its adoption through an e-support evaluation project. The project aimed to ensure Moodle courses met the minimum criteria outlined by the standard. Initially, the top-down enforcement led to frustration among faculty, prompting a shift in 2020 to the “Learning Design Program,” a bottom-up approach emphasizing individualized support.

The program’s goal is to enhance e-course quality, align with national standards, increase study flexibility, and improve teaching staff’s Moodle proficiency. Lecturers can apply each semester for personalized guidance from instructional designers, with 25 courses selected for improvement. The program, now in its seventh semester, began with one-on-one consultations and has evolved to a Moodle course and workshops. These workshop sessions, conducted in Estonian and English, focus on refining course outcomes through constructive alignment principles, maintaining the emphasis on individual consultations.

The Learning Design Program leverages a variety of Moodle activities and resources. This immersive design allows lecturers to experience tools from a student’s perspective. Each semester culminates in a closing seminar where participants showcase their improved courses. This event, growing in popularity, serves to exchange experiences and promote the program.

After completing the learning design program, the lecturers receive 500€ and 2 ECTS credits. The main limitation for lecturers is time. Balancing teaching and preparation leaves little room for Moodle course enhancement. Despite extensive support, time constraints can hinder course completion. To date, 150 lecturers have enrolled, with 131 completing the program and 47 earning the national e-course quality label.

Positive outcomes of the Learning Design Program are evident midway, with lecturers as Moodle students enhancing their skills.  Courses improved through the program receive better student feedback. The upcoming presentation will highlight best practices and showcase a successful Moodle course, sharing strategies for future course development. 

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