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Day 3 Presentation

AI-assisted content generation plugin for Moodle

Generative AI has changed how teachers create educational content, using it to source lesson plans, lesson content, pedagogical activities, and more. Not only does this save time but it makes it easier for them to tailor materials to meet the varying needs of students thus improving the overall learning experience. According to various market studies, more than 1/3 of K12 teachers already use ChatGPT to support their teaching.

Teachers using generative AI to create and distribute content in Moodle currently need to master 3 distinct fields of technical expertise:

  • Prompting expertise: Getting ChatGPT to give you accurate and reliable output that meets learning objectives requires prompting expertise.
  • Moodle expertise: Even when generating content with AI, it is necessary to manually create the corresponding Moodle course, sections, resources, and activities.
  • Content transfer: Current generative AI tools work outside of Moodle and require you to manually export-import content into Moodle in various technical formats (HTML, SCORM, CSV, Quiz …).

Edunao’s AI-assisted content generation plugin aims to significantly reduce the technical expertise a teacher needs when performing these tasks, as well as the time to perform them.

Starting from a natural language prompt entered by the teacher, the plugin generates a course plan and maps it to Moodle sections, resources and activities. It automatically configures access restrictions, completion rules, course formatting, and other time-consuming tasks. Finally, it generates content directly in suitable Moodle activities, that the teacher can review. The plugin can also be used to improve and transform existing content, for example adapt it to a new audience, create a shorter variant, or translation.

Our plugin enables teachers to harness the power of generative AI tools from the comfort of their Moodle platform, and save time creating new courses, allowing them to spend more time in the classroom.

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