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Day 1 Presentation

Advancing Public Health in Saudi Arabia: Moodle Success Story

The Public Health Authority (PHA) of Saudi Arabia enhances national health standards through its Public Health Academy, aligning with Vision 2030. Utilizing a customized Moodle LMS, the academy delivers comprehensive professional development tailored to various levels of public health professionals. The curriculum spans foundational public health knowledge to advanced leadership and management skills, catering to a diverse professional audience.

Key performance indicators reflect the academy’s success: the introduction of 15 new courses, a growing user base of 33,000, a 52% course completion rate, and an 88.18% satisfaction rate. These metrics showcase the training programs’ effectiveness and high engagement. Significant enhancements are underway in collaboration with Moodle partner Eummena. These include integrating advanced payment solutions, creating a badge repository, and launching a mobile application to boost accessibility. Additionally, Eummena has supported the PHA in developing a unique user experience (UX), integrating with organizational systems like LDAP, and ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Saudi National eLearning Center. Upcoming improvements also involve enhancing SEO and deploying advanced analytics to better track learner progress. The Academy’s strategic approach emphasizes academic leadership, workforce transformation, and comprehensive stakeholder engagement, supported by a robust governance framework and ongoing research. This ensures the programs are innovative and aligned with both national health objectives and global best practices.

Through its strategic use of Moodle, the Public Health Academy exemplifies a successful model for leveraging educational technology to enhance professional training. This initiative significantly contributes to advancing public health in Saudi Arabia, supporting the broader goals of Vision 2030, and showcasing the transformative power of targeted professional development.

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