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Day 1 Presentation

Enhancing learners’ experience with AI, and other innovative developments; the CENA Project Roadmap

The CENA Project, funded by the Quebec Ministry of Higher Education (Canada), proposes an ambitious roadmap of 26 developments to enhance Moodle. This presentation will outline this roadmap, prominently featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and highlighting key collaborative projects.

One of these developments is the creation of sophisticated dashboards for self-regulation, enabling both students and educators to track and optimize learning strategies and course design. These dashboards, based on the ACE project of the University of Canterbury and a user-centered design from the University of Montreal, will provide real-time insights, predictive analyses, and timely interventions to support student success.

Recognizing that feedback is crucial for learning (Hattie, 2023), we plan to diversify and enrich the feedback offered to students by incorporating various feedback modalities, facilitating self-evaluation and peer evaluation, and enhancing the workshop activity with AI functionalities.

Many of the planned developments will be enriched by AI. Utilizing fine-tuned LLMs relying on RAG on an AWS architecture, we aim to support teachers in the conception of learning activities and resources, as well as to support learners with different types of feedback.

We plan to integrate AI-generated formative feedback tools that provide immediate and relevant feedback on student assignments, quizzes, and other activities in Moodle. Additionally, we are developing AI-powered intelligent tutoring systems that deliver personalized feedback and recommendations, adapting in real-time to the unique needs of each student, thereby materializing the personalization promises of AI.

The aim of our presentation is to share our roadmap, as we did with Moodle HQ and other partners,  and find new partners interested in collaborating on these initiatives.

Join us to explore these advancements that are set to enhance Moodle and foster a more engaging and personalized educational experience. 

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