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Day 1 Presentation

The Festive Calendar in Moodle: A Professional Development Tool

Why not take advantage of December to offer your teaching resources an accessible, fast and effective professional development opportunity?

With that in mind, the Centre de pédagogie universitaire (CPU) de l’Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR) has created the Festive Calendar! Let’s face it, it’s just because we love the holidays too much! Entirely designed in Moodle and accessible to the entire UQAR community, this innovative calendar offered diversified pedagogical and techno-pedagogical resources during the first 24 days of December, having a significant impact on teachers’ pedagogical practices. By providing clear, concise and accessible resources, the festive calendar boosted teachers’ confidence in their ability to integrate new technologies and explore engaging pedagogical methods. Thoughtfully designed to be easy to use and require little effort, teachers were able to integrate the proposed resources quickly and easily. For those who love project management, you’ll recognize the RICE model. Come and discover the reflective process behind the project, the challenges of professional training for teaching resources, as well as the end result, the pedagogical benefits and, above all, the key parameters for the Moodle configuration ! To give you a head start, you’ll also leave with the calendar in .mbz format and resources to share with your institution! What a great early Christmas present!

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