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Day 1 Presentation

Student Co-Creation of Learning Materials through Custom Moodle Role

Our Learning Technology & Innovation (LT&I) team often works with faculty members who want to design assignments that encourage student creativity when demonstrating their learning. However, some faculty are nervous to introduce technologies outside of Moodle into their classroom assessments as they may underestimate their technical skill level to use or troubleshoot new technology or feel like there isn’t additional support with using the technology. To help bridge this gap, we created a new way to use H5P within Moodle in a supported way. We created a custom role in Moodle that allows students to create and share H5P games, review questions, or interactive learning elements within a Moodle course. This allows students to demonstrate their learning in unique ways without needing advanced technical skills. Also, the LT&I team provides support for both faculty and students using Moodle and H5P to reduce the fear of learning a new technology. This session will begin with describing the default Moodle settings and the custom role we created to solve our problem. Then, we will share ways students can use the new role to demonstrate their learning through different applications in Moodle. Lastly, we will describe the support the LT&I team provides for this H5P integration in Moodle.

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