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Day 1 Presentation

Designing Moodle for Accessibility

Part of Moodle’s mission is to make education accessible to everyone. This means more than just designing for disability; it also means designing for inclusivity.  While world wide about 16% of people have some level of disability, the rate of neurodiversity in the general population is higher, estimated to be up to 20%.  Inclusion also extends to socioeconomic, life circumstances, reliable network access, and native language.

Designing Moodle as a platform to give its highly diverse user group the best experience when using Moodle is a challenge, but one we are up for.  The presentation will present some of the recent design changes that have been implemented since Moodle 4.0 in an effort to progress the platform to be more inclusive, discuss the reasoning behind them, present some future initiatives and ideas, and present some examples of practical ways instructors can help make their material more accessible and inclusive when they author their content.

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