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Day 2 Presentation

How to thrive with Moodle using an insightful onboarding process

Moodle is a great learning management system so lets make the best out of it. In this session we’ll share our tried and true method for onboarding new Moodlers using five steps.

Step 1 GAP analysis. Discussions on where we are today and what is our vision using Moodle LMS? In order to be proactive we need to address the thresholds and challenges as well as identify actions.

Step 2 Identify the different types of users and their needs. Make sure to map target groups and courses – who are we preparing the content for, what do they need to learn and how will we reach them?

Step 3 Collect learning materials to prepare and launch a learning offer. Avoid seeing it as a one-off activity, but rather a continuous engagement. 

Step 4 What are the reports and follow-ups needed to track the progress towards the business goals? How to make use of key performance indicators such as completion rate, rate of direct completion and rate of engagement when launching new courses. 

Step 5 Communication – what opportunities exist to raise awareness of the learning initiative to the target group? As all workplace investments, the launch of the LMS will need a communication plan with themes and material.

Join us at Moodle Moot and be inspired to successfully launch a digital learning offer in your organization!   

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