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Day 3 Presentation

How hooks changed my life

Moodle 4.3 released a legendary API called Hooks, aligning ourselves with the PSR-12 standard. As a medium-old Moodler, I was surprised no one was making noise about this amazing API. I heard something about it in a developer meeting, but after that silent as a forest.

Before the 4.4 release, I took things into my own hands. I got my hands dirty and started to use hooks API for one of the most complicated implementations of 2023 (Implementing groups in communication API) and moved all the legacy code to use the hooks API, started commenting on trackers where we should re-visit the approach of using hooks instead and did an internal presentation and upskilled my team about the API.

Now it’s time to talk to other Moodlers around the world and tell them about the journey of a Hook time I had and how it changed the way I think, changed the way I write code, and changed my solution architecture game plan on a very different level.

I want to show my fellow Moodlers how I did an implementation before and after using the Hooks, and how I keep thinking about it and can’t get enough of this API.

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