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Day 2 Presentation

Mastering Multi-Brand Complexity with Tailored Moodle Workplace Tenancy Models – A Case Study

For a Germany-based umbrella organisation hosting multiple tenants on their Moodle Workplace platform, a tailored solution was required to facilitate cross-tenant collaboration and reporting exclusively between the umbrella group and its three sub-brands, which were handled as separate tenants. The aim of the project was to create an infrastructure that would support this customised umbrella brand synergy while preserving the unique identities and approaches of the sub-brands, each representing unique perspectives and methods for tackling complex global and societal challenges in Germany and worldwide.

An important requirement was that cross-tenant collaboration and reporting (e.g. the sharing of programmes, certifications and reports related only to the umbrella organisation and its sub-brands) should fit seamlessly into the complex organisational structures and cross-functional team dynamics, as employees often held multiple positions within the umbrella group, its brands and various projects. Another important requirement was that there should be no impact on the other tenants of the Moodle Workplace platform at any time.

However, Workplace’s standard multi-tenant architecture can currently not support selective collaboration and reporting between this particular subset of tenants. To address this complexity, a restructuring was undertaken – the individual brand tenants were dissolved and integrated as sub-tenants under the umbrella organisation tenant. This bespoke, multi-tiered hierarchy allowed seamless coordination between the umbrella organisation and its sub-brands and matched the complicated, cross-functional team dynamic.

In this case study, we want to take you on a journey that starts with our initial thoughts. We will provide insights into how we realised the project step by step, how we supplemented the functions of Workplace with combinations of Moodle core functions and open source plugins.  

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