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Day 2 Presentation

Building a Learning Community Using Moodle

Good Learning Anywhere (GLA) is an Employment Ontario initiative that offers flexible online learning opportunities to adult learners across Ontario, Canada. For over 10+ years, GLA course instructors have been using Moodle to virtually support learners who wish to improve their educational, employment, and independent skills.

The Moodle Moot Canada 2024 event in Toronto provided the last piece to our puzzle for reimagining how we use Moodle. In our transition from a course-centric model led by instructors to a learner-centric approach facilitated by mentors and community building, we have built vibrant learning communities in our Moodle LMS at GLA. Through collaboration with partners, research, trial and error, and leveraging a range of Moodle plugins and tools, we’ve revolutionized our approach to community-based learning. This transition allows mentors more opportunities to guide and encourage learners while building relationships and personas, which can be difficult in an online environment. 

The flexibility and ease offered by core Moodle have made this possible with the help of Moodle and other not-for-profit partners supporting us and providing us with creative solutions. Cohorts, syncing options, external plugins, and strategic reorganization empower our mentors to establish meaningful connections with learners in an online learning space. Learners can communicate with each other and their mentors through forums and BigBlueButton while learning more about each other and their GLA support team. Through feedback and further experimentation, we will continue to make our learning communities stronger by keeping them fun, engaging and innovative. Please join us as we share our process and the tools we used to make these learning communities a success.

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