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Day 2 Presentation

Large Moodles for federal organizations

Some big organizations have a federated structure with more or less independent departments in different countries or faculties in universities or many schools under one umbrella.

On the one hand the sub-organizations want to have one entry point, same look and feel, possibilities to work together and share content (for example question banks and repositories).

On the other hand they want to be independent to have different settings and full admin rights for their own area – especially user management.

There are different ways and approaches:

  • one big ‘classic’ Moodle with some plugins and settings to allow tenants
  • many small Moodles linked together in a certain way
  • Moodle workplace
  • Moodle plus additional third party software

Each way has certain advantages and disadvantages. For example, to run one big Moodle for 1500 schools is a big challenge. But to handle 1500 individual Moodles is a challenge too.

In my presentation I will describe the different approaches with their pros and cons, explain how to do (server layout, used plugins, …) and give some examples and lesson learned.    

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