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Day 3 Presentation

UNIMOODLE collaborative Project: 9 new plugins designed by universities that are worth knowing about

The presentation will be about a collaborative project called UNIMOODLE, which aims to develop new tools that improve the degree of digitalization of the teaching activities in the virtual campuses based on Moodle. The project involves 16 universities from Spain, which have created an inter-university group to share their needs, experiences and solutions. The project is funded by the European funds NextGeneration.

P1: Hybrid Teaching Provide students and teachers with a single, integrated interface for Hybrid Teaching, independent of the video conferencing and video storage provider used by each university.

P2: KUET Quizzes with Gamification Features Aims to provide an activity in Moodle that allows for the organization of interactive and attractive voting, quick response, and competition sessions.

P3.1: Certificates Integrated with Electronic Administration Aims to develop a system for issuing certificates to students and teachers of Moodle courses that can be connected to an external certification system to validate these certificates by the institution.

P3.2: Restoration of Courses between Platforms Aims to automate the process of transferring courses between production Moodles and archived Moodles.

P4: Notification Agent Aims to allow teachers to configure a series of automatic condition-action in their courses to send follow-up messages to their students and automate other actions.

P6: Improvements in the Quiz Module This subproject aims to add new functionalities to the quiz activity in Moodle. 

P6.4: Scripted Question Type Define complete exams with customized solutions defined by a simple script to implement.

P11: Improvements in the Gradebook This subproject aims to simplify the procedure for creating the evaluation scheme and managing the course grades. 

P13: Evolution of Local Mail This subproject focuses on improving the existing Local_mail tool. This plugin is a mail manager that can be incorporated into the Moodle platform.

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