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Day 3 Presentation

Moodle facilitates admission exams in the ENALLT, UNAM in México

The COVID-19 health emergency prompted the search for new ways to administer exams at the National School of Languages, Linguistics, and Translation (ENALLT by its acronym in Spanish) for admission to bachelor’s programs and diplomas, as well as for placement in some language courses. A viable solution was the use of the Moodle to host online exams on a dedicated server.

The admission exams for language courses are usually divided into sections that correspond to the skills students must achieve to communicate in a foreign language: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Among these sections, the first two presented challenges that we had to address. For the reading comprehension sections, we chose to use the cloze question type to provide a special format of two independent columns that allowed the questions to be viewed alongside the text. For listening comprehension, it was necessary to ensure that students could listen to audio files only certain number of times, using controls to prevent pausing, and making it impossible to download the file. This was achieved by adding a table to the Moodle database and a script that queried this table about the playbacks of a specific audio file for a particular session.

Despite having returned to the classrooms, the resource savings and process automation brought about by the implementation of online exams have proven very useful and thus remain in use. Future work in this regard includes adding a plugin to limit navigation, making the inclusion of multimedia resources more efficient and facilitating the generation of result reports. For instance, in some cases, the question categories in an exam have more than one level of hierarchy, and for these cases, there is no simple way to display the result report, requiring a customized query.

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