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Day 1 Workshop

Beautify your Moodle courses and contents with Bootstrap

Among Moodle’s built-in tools, we have the Bootstrap development framework, which allows you to develop Web and desktop sites and applications in an agile way. As it is available for all Moodle modules, in the HTML editor you can add its classes to HTML elements to give it dynamism in flexible panels and views adaptable to mobile and desktop screens in an easy and portable way between Moodle sites.

In this workshop we will give an introduction to the Bootstrap framework that Moodle includes, what can be done with it, how the Boostrap grid works and how to use it within a course with the TinyMCE and Atto editors to give design and presentation to Moodle pages, such as the cover, resources and activities, as well as how to use inline CSS to fine-tune HTML elements to your liking, with examples and references.

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