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Day 2 Presentation

Out of Many – One; A Case Study of Unification with Moodle Workplace

In many organizations, the presence of multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS) can result in inefficiencies and hidden expenses. Often, stakeholders may be unaware of the various LMS sites operating within their company. However, this situation presents a unique opportunity to leverage the strengths of individual departments and consolidate them under a unified Moodle Workplace instance.

This case study unveils the journey of a company that was managing three distinct Moodle instances and a non-Moodle LMS. They recognized the potential for transformation within their learning ecosystem and embarked on a groundbreaking initiative with Moodle Workplace.

During this session, we will delve into the complexities and victories of this arduous process, shedding light on the strategic decisions, technical adaptations, and organizational shifts that accompanied the transition. From uncovering redundancies and unexplored opportunities to crafting a strategic roadmap for unification, this case study offers invaluable insights for organizations facing similar challenges.

Join us as we uncover the journey that culminated in the consolidation of diverse learning platforms. This presentation not only serves as a testament to the potential of Moodle Workplace but also inspires organizations to optimize their learning infrastructure and cultivate a collaborative learning environment.

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