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Abstract submission now open: Share your ideas today!

As we embark on this year’s theme, “Unlocking Human Potential“, we celebrate the power of learning to shape our world. Education is a shared journey, evolving far beyond traditional boundaries to touch every part of our lives.

We are excited to announce that abstract submission is now available for our upcoming Global conference on 22-24 October 2024. The deadline for proposal submission is 14 May (UTC-6), so make sure you submit your ideas soon!

In this rapidly changing world, learning is the key to unlocking our future, finding our place, and nurturing the health of our global community. It’s about empowering each individual, regardless of their background or learning style, to tap into their innate potential. At MoodleMoot Global 2024, we recognise that continued education is not just a phase of life. It’s a new way of life.

We invite Moodlers from any educational, training or learning field to come together as educators, developers, administrators, and learners to learn from each other, share findings and explore best practices to adapt, innovate, and make learning accessible to all. At Moodle, we’re excited to share and explore the vast possibilities of education in an open and diverse community and we are looking forward to hearing your ideas!

Submit your work now and contribute to unlock potential, inspire change, and empower learners to envision and create a world where education is the heartbeat of progress!

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